In 2015 I created a video game called Quiescence. It is a top-down arcade style shooter. In my own free time I taught myself to code with Javascript, and used the Unity game engine to develop it. I composed all the music and designed all of the objects. This game has a major focus on visual and audio interaction. There is not a lot of focus put on the mechanics, but rather the visual effects and music. The goal of the game is to survive waves of alien invaders for as long as possible, while working around visual distortions and aggressive enemy AI.

Below is a video gameplay montage.

To run the game, right click on the app, then click open. Apple will mention that it is from an unidentified developer. This is ok.


Use A,S,D,W  to move the spaceship.

Use  the Spacebar to shoot lasers.

Avoid Astroids and shoot alien spacecrafts.

Go through portals to visit new dimensions.